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Mobile Sites For 3G Smart Phones

Mobile Sites For 3G Smart Phones

Mobile phones are rapidly changing the way the internet is perceived and the way it is being viewed. Mobile Sites For 3G Smart Phones are a critical part of the puzzle to get new clients.

All savvy business persons and internet marketers are creating mobile versions for their main websites to capture and engage the potential new customers visiting their sites on smart phones.
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Mobile Sites For 3G Smart Phones

When cell phones first appeared in the 1990s, no one had an inkling that they would grow like gangbusters to number 5 billion and one day dominate The Internet and the world wide web. But it’s happening now with total digital convergence and miniaturization.

These lifestyle trend setters are able to provide so many services, thanks to technology giants like Apple and Google, that the mobile web is rapidly out pacing the office web which only a few years back demanded the surfer had access to a cumbersome desktop computer, be it an IBM compatible PC or an Apple Mac.

Various new smart phones mushroomed with the appearance of 3G wireless networks: the innovative iPhone, the BlackBerry Bold, Palm OS and then the open source Google Android which is designed to be a web developer’s dream — ushering in a brave new future of The Miniaturized Internet — all packaged like a microwaveable meal and ready to go!

These new 3G smart phones are so advanced in their operating system software that they can browse all manner of dynamic web pages, integrate with GPS coordinates to find the nearest eating houses and hotel accommodation, sort and read email, help you to play advanced java games, awaken you with Top 100 polyphonic digital music, take your picture and record video clips of any action in the city street you’re wandering along.

But that’s not an exhaustive list because I now remember watching TV on a dual sim card mobile phone and listening to either MP3 music of my choice or broadcast FM radio! All of the above is the true meaning of ‘digital convergence.’       

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