Sep 27

Mobile Web Design For Dummies

Mobile Web Design For Dummies

I’m a big Dummy and therefore love the book “Mobile Web Design for Dummies”, but don’t worry even if you are not a dummy like me and you are the local web expert you can also learn a thing or two from this wonderful book.

Mobile Web Design For Dummies

The perfect place to learn how to design Web sites for mobile devices!With the popularity of Internet access via cell phones and other mobile devices, Web designers now have to consider as many as eight operating systems, several browsers, and a slew of new devices as they plan a new site, a new interface, or a new sub-site. This easy-to-follow friendly book guides you through this brave new world with a clear look at the fundamentals and offers practical techniques and tricks you may not have considered.Explores all issues to consider in planning a mobile siteCovers the tools needed for mobile design, in particular XHTML and CSSShows you how to plan for multimedia, e-commerce, and marketing your site, including adding audio, video, and social networkingProvides real-world examples and tips to help you avoid common pitfallsIf you’re contemplating Web design in a mobile world, start first with this practical guide.


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